To co-operate with us, 
 Something you must know

      Who is our customers
          Where is our factory
    Size and facility of production floor
     Production Capacity
          Sampling and pattern making
          Quality control
          Business term
  Payment term


      The founder of Fiona Underwear is a clothing techican, this  advantage enables us to be one of the supplier
          of Victoria's Secret since 10 years ago, our effort put on the  business made us growth in the Apparel industry
       rapidly and became a well-known  manufacturer of Intimate and sleepwear. 

         Who is our customer

    Our main customers are Victoria's Secret, Lerner, Limited Too etc.    We begun  to supply Plus Size Underwear to
      Lane Bryrant, and Lerner of USA for 2 years ago because of our good reputation and performance in the United 
       States market.

      The other market is United Kingdom, the main product we export to UK is cotton bra and  brief.   The customer
      is H&M,  BHS,  Texco, Littlewood etc.

      We supply about 30% of merchandise to an Australia lingerie chain store - Bras  n' Things.   And export sleepwear
      to Myers store and huge quantity of brief to Australia through importer.

      Since 1998, we are requested to produce Erotic playwear, i.e. PVC, Leather playwear,  Nightclub Uniform.  We do
     this extra-ordinary item because it requires good experience of  handling the material and expertise sewing
    workmanship.   With the experience of doing lingerie and underwear business with us, our  importer customer
   choose us to develop those item in the European market.    The second market that we ship the Erotic is
  Australia and then Denmark bring this to their country from us.

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         Where is our factory

          We have an office plus a showroom in Hong Kong.   The production floor is located in Dongguan, Southern China, it is
 about 45 minutes from the border of Hong Kong.       

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          Size and facility of production factory

       - Size of work floor : 30,000 sq.ft
       - No. of workers      : over 300 workflorce
       - No. of machinery  : 300 pieces
       - A professional inspection room, and light box room which are contructed
      absolutely  under  the instruction of Victoria's Secret.
       - Conferennce Room and Showroom are established

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Production Capacity 

         300,000 pcs of brief monthly
         150,000 pcs of bra monthly
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Sampling and Pattern Making

         All of the paper pattern and mini marker are processed computerize plus the professional knowledge of life pattern
         maker,  our work on fitting won a lot of appreciation from customer.

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         Quality Control

         We have a well quality control system in our factory to carry out the activity of inspection in each production steps.   
         Customer who do not have a regional office in Hong Kong do feel  comfortable to our quality performance.

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         Business Term
      - We deal only price term of FOB HK
      - Or if any other affiliate plan is offered, is negotiable

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         Payment Term

     -   Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight,   Or
     -   30% deposit at the time of placing order, balance to be settled before
          making shipment

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